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Based within the Qatar Foundation's Qatar Science and Technology Park, RASAD is the result of a collaboration with Aspetar - Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital.

The RASAD team is made up of senior professionals from clinical, telecommunication, ICT and business strategy fields. Their combined expertise and experience has resulted in the development of an unique low cost service that enables clinical providers to assist their patients in monitoring long term chronic conditions irrespective of their location - enhancing patients ability to self manage their conditions.
RASAD's flexibility allows care providers to integrate the within their existing clinical processes making it a truly non-obtrusive turn-key service that supports the delivery of healthcare.

The Qatar Science & Technology Park (originator of RASAD) is member of:


Qatar technology to improve delivery of healthcare services in UK


In a move set to transform the delivery of healthcare to many of the 15 million people in the UK diagnosed with long term conditions, a landmark agreement for the adoption of the Qatari telehealth tool, RASAD, was signed at the Royal Society yesterday.

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