Medicine & Healthcare

Medicinal usage of the RASAD platform is wide, from remote ECG monitoring of athletes and patients to the observation and care of chronic cardiac patients using minimally invasive wireless micro sensors. Applications also extend to home care, such as fall detection of the elderly and glucose monitoring of diabetes patients.

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Sport & Lifestyle

The RASAD Sport & Lifestyle is optimized to collect a wide range of data on both individuals, for example to improve athletes’ or amateurs’ performances, or on large samples of the population.  This is a powerful tool to enable general lifestyle improvements, as well as scientific research.

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Safety at Work

Workers in harsh environments, or those subject to fatigue such as shift workers and pilots, are susceptible to accidents caused by physiological weakness. Monitoring workers can reduce the risks.

The RASAD platform evaluates worker health status based on heart rate, activity, skin and central temperatures in conjunction with location-based data.

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Other Usage

Unlike other solutions that only support a limited number of sensors, RASAD supports any type and an unlimited range of user interfaces, alerts and outputs, therefore meeting the requirements of multiple industries.

A recent application of the platform has been in monitoring endurance horses.

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Qatar technology to improve delivery of healthcare services in UK


In a move set to transform the delivery of healthcare to many of the 15 million people in the UK diagnosed with long term conditions, a landmark agreement for the adoption of the Qatari telehealth tool, RASAD, was signed at the Royal Society yesterday.

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